We are“SOROCHE de los andes”, an Ecuadorian design studio based in Rotterdam and founded in 2006 by us; Isadora and Pedro, since then, our work has been fed by our experiences and our daily life, we often have the need to go away and surround ourselves with nature, convinced that it is our best way to connect with eachothers and get inspired, therefore natural cycles, pure materials and respect for nature, play the most important role in our work. All products developed by "SOROCHE de los Andes" are done by hand and by us, with time and care, one by one, piece by piece, Our goal is to ensure that during the entire process, People and Nature are treated with respect. We enjoy and promote work in community, connecting by creating. With others we learn and teach, with others we see, think and create by using different perspectives, thoughts and hands. This way “Soroche de los andes” is a much bigger collective of friends, partners and companions, sharing values, ideals and philosophy. If you think we can work together please contact us!